Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Last fall my baby was a few months old and people wondered how I would be able to homeschool.  My comfort then was that I had homeschooled with a baby before and also knew that last fall would pale in comparison to this fall.  After all, this fall I am homeschooling with a… toddler!  What do you do with a toddler for the entire day?

Here are some ideas for keeping your toddler busy, whether you homeschool or not:

A Notebook and Crayons for Scribbling


Containers with Craft Pom Poms

Just be careful the toddler does not EAT them!


Chore Time

Toddlers can do things like help with the laundry, taking out clean laundry from the dryer and putting in the next wet load.


Sticker Time

This is a more interactive activity.

Peel off stickers for your toddler to place on other sheets of paper.



Toys that come in sets, like blocks or animals.

Safe kitchen items, like measuring cups and bowls.



… And don’t forget to use the Pack ‘N Play!  ~smile~

Your child may not like it in the beginning.  Persevere!  Aim for small amounts of time.  It is okay if you listen to a bit of crying at first.  It’s for your own sanity and the rest of your household!

Enjoy your toddler!

She grows fast!


  1. Great ideas indeed! Last week I thought I would be needing to school with a toddler! Now, of course, that is moot but this post would have been very timely for me had that been the case!