Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don’t Let a Bad Day Get You Down

I've had a “bad day”.  Two bad days in a row, in fact.  The kind of days where you feel completely swamped and unable to come up for air.  The kind of days where deep emotions are sitting on the doorstep of your soul.
The dishes are backlogged.  Children's attitudes have much to be desired.  The toddler is getting into everything!  I am unable to shower before early afternoon when my baby is asleepThere seems to be more need than a single person can fulfill.
The white flag starts to raise.  My soul feels great despair, YET I will encourage myself to plod on.
These moments will pass.
The dishes will get done.  The children's attitudes will fluctuate.  There will be periods of productivity amidst the lazy legions of time.
Are you having a bad day? 
Remove yourself from your situation for just a few moments so you can refresh yourself and clear your perspective.
Find some quiet time.
Pray.  Ask God for help.
Count your blessings. 
God is not the author of discouragement.
He is the author of hope!
Don't despair!
Don't let this bad day get you down!
This too shall pass!

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  1. I love the honesty and heart in this post, Lisa. This would be make a great printout to hang above the kitchen sink for when I feel too burnt out to remember what to do next.

    I'm so glad you commented! I found your blog this way and will be following. :-)