Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer’s End

Last night we returned from Fellowship Camp with our church.  We go each year.  Once you start having children, and they are old enough to realize what is going on, it is hard to turn back!  Camp is a lot of fun for them - activities, late night curfews, endless time with friends, and a lake with cafeteria-style meals to boot.  What more could they want?

Fellowship Camp is a great time of just that – fellowship with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  We stay up late and enjoy each other’s company.  Of course, as a mother to five children there are always snags to any vacation, but it is still nice to get away and connect with others. 

Some of our vacation’s goodness:

My son was baptized!  Hallelujah!


My son learned canoeing skills to finish earning his badge.


Archery is always a favorite.


Beach fun!




Now I am regrouping and fixing my eyes towards the school year that is about to begin. 

How is your summer ending?

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