Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Snack Dinner

Ever find yourself in a pinch to make dinner, don’t have a lot of energy or groceries in the house, or you had a pretty full lunch and want to have a light dinner?

Try a snack dinner!


I will make snack dinners on Sunday nights sometimes, especially.  They are fairly easy to prepare.  The main thing I try to do when serving a snack dinner is to make sure I have a handful of options with variety, hopefully with some sort of protein and fruit or vegetables.

Sunday night’s snack dinner:

Cheese quesadillas, deli turkey meat, chips with hummus and salsa, cut up cucumbers, and frozen grapes.

Other good options for snack dinners:

Simple sandwiches

Boiled eggs


Crackers and cheese

Cut up veggies


Baked Beans



Trail Mix


The sky’s the limit!

What do you or would you serve in a snack dinner?

Oh, and you don’t just have to use this idea for dinner.  It works well for lunches too!


  1. Love it girl! We often do this too..what happens is we will make a big snack lunch and then leftovers for dinner lol

    We like making veggie pizza, mixing ranch seasoning with cream cheese..mmm!!

    I also make a crockpot full of nachoe dip and taco seasoned hamburger, salsa..

    love to mix a bowl of berries & a pinch of sugar..

    sandwiches on sourdough..add alittle olive oil to the pan and it crisps it nicely!

  2. I do this a lot too! Last night was one of these nights, actually. I was trying to use up some produce before it went bad, plus it was a church night, plus we had leftovers to eat. I threw it all together and it was a conglomeration of little dishes. I guess if I wanted it to sound fancy I could have called it 'tapas night'. Haha.