Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Garden’s Goodness

The past couple years we have tried to get back into the habit of gardening.  It really is a beautiful thing to grow some of your own food.  It tastes great, has no chemicals, and feels so rewarding, knowing you grew the produce yourself. 

Our main problem is that the local deer love to eat some of our plants, like our tomato plants especially.  We have only harvested ONE red tomato.  I have seen flowers and some green tomatoes, but then – voila! – everything seems to disappear.  I’m assuming it is the deer’s fault. 

You can see our tomato plants in this photo.  The deer have chopped the tops off.  We are thinking about putting a fence up next year, just around the garden, even though the idea does not appeal to us entirely.  We have a fenceless yard and enjoy its look and feel overall.


Regardless of the deer, we have harvested some goodness from our garden.  We are not experts at gardening, and my thumb is still pretty brown.  However, we are thankful for what we *do* get.

This was last week’s harvest


… along with this lovely beauty of a cucumber!


Yes, our cucumbers have done well.  We have also harvested lettuce early in the summer, some basil, chives, and squash.

What should I do with these guys?


If you have never tried gardening, I recommend it!  Even if you get a small harvest, like us, it is truly a blessing!

Did you have a garden this year?

Was it successful?

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