Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Establishing Disciplines in Your Life


It is not always easy to establish certain disciplines in our lives.  Some may come easy for us because they fit well with our personality tendencies or loved habits.  On the other hand, some do not come as easy, even when you realize the discipline would be so helpful and would make your life so much easier!

For ages I have been trying to get to bed at a decent time – before midnight would be nice.  My body’s clock is so used to getting to bed late at night that is hard to steer away from that not-so-good habit.  Through bearing children and trials, I have told myself nearly daily that I should go to bed earlier and wake up earlier!  This week, with a new school year at hand, I have been more mindful of striving towards the goal.  I have gotten to bed a smidge earlier the past couple days and have woken up earlier due to the demands of my household.  I am trying to order my nights and mornings better so I can have more energy and joy, produce better fruit in my home, and help things to run more smoothly. 

For now these are the nighttime disciplines I am trying to solidify.

Nighttime Disciplines

Make lunches for my husband and my niece.

Make sure kitchen table, sink, and counter are clean.

Think ahead to the next day’s schedule and meals, preparing at least my mind and other necessities in advance.

Limit computer time.

Get to bed around 10:30 so I can be asleep at 11:00.

What disciplines are you trying to establish

in your life right now?

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