Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Energize Yourself–Clean a Horizontal Space!

“Small Notebook” did a great post about maintaining an uncluttered look even when you have a lot of items in a room.  One of the keys is this:  “All the horizontal spaces are clear”.  It’s true.  If you check out the post, you will see it for yourself.  The desks, tables, and sofas in the quite full room are crisp and clean, bringing a sense of peace, order, and balance. 

When I read the post, I was motivated to do a little horizontal space cleaning myself.  I whipped through my kitchen and cleaned off the counter and the kitchen table.  Boy did that feel so much better!  I felt energized and at peace.


Which horizontal spaces in your home could use a little tidying?

Go to it!  The work will be worth it.

You will feel energized!

Your home will feel like a better place. 

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