Monday, August 8, 2011

Cone S’mores–A Fun Treat!


Recently, “Life as Mom” posted about a dessert she whipped up after accidentally buying the mini ice cream cones at the store.  She used the cones to make Mini S’mores Cones.  When I saw the idea, a bell went off in my head.  I had regular-size ice cream cones and the super-size marshmallows sitting in my pantry.  Why not try a larger version?

So I did!

Cone S’mores

inspired by “Life as Mom

Preheat oven broiler.

Put empty ice cream cones on foil lined baking sheet.

Fill the ice cream cones about halfway with chocolate chips.


Place a super-size marshmallow on top!


Make sure the top oven rack is low enough so the marshmallows have a bit of room between them and the broiler. 

Broil and watch carefully!  The marshmallows will cook fast!


Let sit for a couple minutes on the tray before eating.

Enjoy the rich, gooey goodness, inside and out!



  1. Oh now these look YUMMY!! I can not wait to try them out. I will be sharing this post on my Fan page on FB, hope you dont mind. Thanks for sharing. By the way this is my first visit. Cant wait to come back!!

  2. sounds great! I'll have to try this with the kiddos!