Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The “Never Turn Back” Omelet

When I first learned to make omelets years ago, I learned the whip and flip method.  You know, whip the eggs with a bit of milk, pour them into the pan, cook/set the eggs, load the fillings, and flip the omelet in half.

Recently a friend taught me how she makes her omelets, and I daresay I don’t think I will be turning back!  This method is a saute and broil method.  In my humble opinion, it results in the best omelet one could eat!

*Since this is an omelet that you broil in the oven, you will need to use an oven-proof pan.  I use cast iron.


Chop and saute veggies (and/or meat) of your choosing in a good dose of olive oil, enough to cover the bottom of the pan.  I have been using a combination of some of the following:  red potato, red/green pepper, onion, mushrooms, and spinach.

Turn on your oven broiler.


While veggies are cooking, whisk eggs and a bit of milk together - about a tablespoon of milk per two eggs.  For a 10-inch pan, I use two or three eggs.  For my 12-inch pan, I use four or five eggs.  It depends on how large I want the omelet to be, i.e. how many people are eating it and how hungry they are.  ~wink~ 

When veggies are well-cooked, turn off heat and pour egg mixture into your oven-proof pan.  Place the pan into the oven about 6 inches or so below the broiler.  Watch your omelet carefully and take out when the eggs are set – within a few minutes. 


Take omelet out of oven and spread grated cheese over entire omelet.  Spread with fresh tomatoes at this point, if desired.

Fold omelet in half and plate beautifully.  Eat with delight!


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