Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natural Skin and Hair Care–Part One

I’ve always tried to take good care of my face, especially since I have been prone to breakouts.  A couple months ago I was looking for a new system.  I wanted to find a decent cleanser and moisturizer that didn’t cost a fortune and was naturally-based.  I have used some good products in the past, but I was hoping to find something more economical.  I looked online, at various stores, and was finally at Ulta, consulting with a woman there.  She directed me to a couple different products that were not very expensive, but I didn’t feel great about them.  They weren’t really what I intended.

I went home from Ulta feeling frustrated.  It’s hard enough to be in the stores, sometimes with children, trying to weigh cost, effectiveness, and ingredients let alone to find nothing that really suits your scheme.   Within a couple days, though, God led me to a routine that works well for me and fits right into my economical, non-toxic hopes and dreams!

Have you ever thought of using oil to wash your face?

Yes, oil!


The thought behind it is that “like breaks down like” – oil breaks down oil.  Using the right combination of oils breaks down the dirt and grime in your skin, purifies it, and leaves it soothingly moisturized.

Castor oil is used as the base oil because it is a detoxifying, purifying oil.  Most of us think of castor oil when we think about inducing labor, but it is actually a healing, cleansing oil that is used in medicines, cosmetics, and other common household items.  For more information on castor oil read here.

Along with the castor oil, you use a supplemental oil that is more moisturizing.  I have read about people using olive oil or sunflower oilI actually use Vitamin E oil.  Mine is from Jason and actually contains good oils like sunflower, apricot, and almond, and smells good!

I have combination to oily skin, especially during the summer, and have been using the following mixture:

25% Castor oil

75% Vitamin E oil

I use the clear bottle that is located in the center of the above photo to hold the mixture. 

To clean with your mixture:

Place about a quarter size puddle of the oil into your dry hands.

Massage this oil gently into and around your face and over your eyes as well to remove all makeup and dirt, for about a minute.  Enjoy the process!

Steam your face.  Wet a washcloth with hot water, squeeze, and place over your face to steam until the washcloth becomes room temperature.  Rinse the washcloth and repeat a couple times.  I take this time to pray for people who are on my heart at the time.

After steaming your face, rinse the washcloth again and then gently wipe all oil and makeup off your entire face. 

Your face will feel clean and moisturized!  If it doesn’t feel good, try to alter the ratio of castor oil you are using – less for dry skin, more for oily skin.

After I used this method for a couple days, my husband thought my skin was as soft as a baby’s bum!  He couldn’t believe how nicely it was working on my skin.

Enjoy your fresh, glowing skin!

*Note:  You do not have to use this method twice a day.  I use it once a day, each night before bed.  I have read of other women using it less.  When I am not cleansing with this method, I simply use water to cleanse my face.

For more info. on the Oil Cleansing Method check out these sites:

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  1. I know the feeling of being frustrated!

    I like this idea, thanks for sharing! So interesting! I really never thought of it.. I use olive oil for my hands, makes them really soft in the winter.

    I often use a bananna too, mush up and rub on my face..love it!