Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts About Spring Cleaning Projects


If you did not simplify your wardrobe with “Simple Mom”, but had all the best intentions in the world, or even a small inkling, don’t feel bad!  Let me encourage you with this:

You don’t have to follow a particular timeline.  I know it is easy to feel pressured by someone else’s project deadlines, but no one said you have to follow them.  Start the project when you can and finish at your pace.  Better late than never!

It is important to keep the needs of your home in mind.  My home life is very demanding, and I know that I can not always get to every idea or inspiration I see.  I must prioritize and use the ideas as fuel and tools, not as weights hanging over my head!

Be inspired!  Let others’ ideas about spring cleaning get you motivated to do what you need to do in *your* home.  Think about what would bless you most right now to declutter.

If necessary tackle your project in bits.  On Sunday I worked on my sons’ bedroom.  We couldn’t do it all at once, but we worked for about 20 to 30 minutes twice.  We still have more to do, but we are in progress!  Set the timer if it helps!  At least do something for a short amount of time.  Life does not always give us time for everything.  We have to make time for what we have to do.

Ask your husband what HE would like you to do.  Over the weekend, when I was talking to my husband about how I wanted to work on my closet, he said, “I guess I just need to start a blog.”  He knew I had gotten the closet idea from a blog I read; he had his own desires about what he would like done in the house.  I realized that I should be checking in with my husband to see if there is anything he would like for me to focus on first!

Remember – anything you do to spruce up

your home will be a blessing to you and others!

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