Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There Will Be Fruit

I really, probably, shouldn’t be blogging right at this moment.  I’ve got to leave for piano lessons in an hour and a half, if Brian can’t make it home by then, which is looking like it will be the truth!  I also have plenty other things I could do:  work on some laundry, make dinner, make food for the baby, make sure Ava isn’t eating anything mysterious on the floor, finish some school subjects, and whatever else comes along!  However, as I have said before, “blogging is therapy” and sometimes, you just feel better after you have blogged and emptied your noggin a bit.  Therefore, here I am!

I have been evaluating and trying to improve my life constantly.  Within the past few years, my life has become exponentially more demanding.  Through it all God is teaching me to take life “day by day”.  There are times when I feel pretty discouraged and worn out, but there are also times when I feel strengthened to plunge ahead and keep going!

Something happened within the past couple days that encouraged my heart, and I thought I would share it with you.  My nine year old son started writing a story, on his own initiative, and he is excited about it.


This is a huge deal because my son does not like to write. Whenever he has to do a writing assignment, it is torture for him to get through the process usually.  Once he is done, he does see and feel the reward, but it takes him a long time to get there.  Even to sit down and write a few sentences about something he reads can be grueling.  However, I did not give up!  I continued to give him assignments and work with him, knowing that some day – hopefully – this would get easier.

Seeing him excited to write his story has blessed my heart tremendously.  I was reminded of how things can be so difficult, but in the end, you will see fruit!  A farmer must do a lot of work to see a crop succeed!  There is soil preparation, planting, tender care of the young plants, watering, weeding, and waiting involved!  The farmer could get very discouraged waiting to see the fruit that will yield on his plants and decide to tear them all down or worse yet, never even start the process.  May we not be that way.  May we be encouraged to press on… persevere… endure… keep refining… simplify… and pour into our home and families so we may see FRUIT some day!

May God’s blessing be with you this week as you press on in His will for your life!


  1. Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa! I needed to hear this today!

  2. Beautiful, Lisa! As much as we may want to produce the fruit, our task is to tend patiently and faithfully.

    And it's so exciting that he wants to write a story!

    (Looks like we both kind of have "gardening" on our minds... LOL)

  3. Awesome!!! I know this is a great moment for you both!! :-)