Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning–Reminder and Report

Reminder to check in with “Simple Mom”

today for Hotspot #2 – paper clutter!

I am curious if any of you tackled “Simple Mom’s” challenge last week of cleaning out your wardrobe.  If you did, I want to hear about it.  Leave a comment and a link to your blog, if relevant.

My week was hectic, as always, but I was determined to try to work on my wardrobe.  I had actually weeded things out mostly, recently, but my closet still needed some work. 

I was only able to tackle the hanging items, the floor, and the shoes.  I did it swiftly and still found great reward.  Even my husband said, “The closet looks great, hun” – and that is without cleaning it entirely.  Remember – a little goes a long way!  Do what you can do!






Before:  The floor needed attention!

My shoes were in disarray.

Items were not in any specific order.













After:  The floor and shoes are tidy.

I sorted my clothing items according to color and season.






I still have to get to the shelves above, which I haven’t even shown you yet – gulp!  Hopefully this week.  ~smile~

Tomorrow, I will post some encouraging words about spring cleaning and simplifying in general.


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