Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Evening Project

Tonight I finally finished working on de-cluttering the desk.  Well, at least for the most part!  Brian really pushed me to do it.  At dinner he said he would treat me to Dairy Queen if I finished.  When the kids heard that, they jumped on it, and the whole family wanted me to clean the desk.  In the end, I asked Brian to take the family to Dairy Queen so I could get a few moments’ peace and quiet to myself and start the project!

First, I must prepare you… Some of you will still want to be my friend after seeing this photo because it will make you feel good about the hotspots in your house.  Others of you will shun me, leave my blog, wonder why you were ever friends with me in the first place, and never speak to me again.  Nonetheless, here is how it looked before the clean-up process began.


The desk tends to be a hotspot in the house,

and I am continually trying to fix that!

The first thing I did was clear the surface and dust it with some spray and a rag.  I thought this would make me feel good and bring inspiration!



Then I divided all of the material into groups and piles:IMG_8090


To Do

To File

For Hubby







I put things in the laundry basket if they had to travel somewhere.

I came across beautiful things like this that warmed my heart and gave me more energy to work!



After all was said and done…

The desk now looks like this:


I’ve got some coupons in the tray next to the computer monitor.  In the holder next to it, three folders are housed thus far:  To Do, File, and For Hubby.  In front of the folders, lays my recent purchase – a simple, but so far efficient, organizer for myself.


I am feeling good!


A cluttered surface attracts more clutter, but a cleared surface magically stays clear.

(taken from “Steady Mom”)

I hope it’s true!  ~wink~


  1. Looks great Lisa! I bet it feels great and worth the hard work!

    Sarah Beth

  2. I just did this too! I cleaned out the den where we have school and where my desk/computer area is. I should have taken before and after pics. It was bad. It feels so much better now! I love your room too. Great job!! BTW, did you get your Dairy Queen? I'd say all that work was worth a big sundae!! (: