Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Interior Decorator


Some of you will think I am crazy, but for a while now I have been dreading this day – a day my husband had planned with much reservation on my part.  Today was the day we had a meeting with an interior decorator, an opportunity most people would greatly appreciate.  We are wanting to remodel our family room, and with its awkward layout, we felt it would be good to get others’ opinions.  We’ve thought that for years now, but finally, I had started to get things settled in my brain – a picture of what I would do and what my family room would look like in the end.  I worried that this mysterious woman would come into my home and shatter every good thought I had.  I worried that I would feel somewhat put off as the homemaker of my home.

The woman entered and seemed very pleasant.  After much discussion and interaction, she proposed many ideas.  Most of her ideas were actually very good.  I did have a somewhat subdued struggle inside of me, as I tried not to feel inferior or pushed aside.  In the end, though, the meeting went very well.  The woman expressed that she was here to help us have thoughtful lives and to work with us rather than against us. 

As I walk away from today’s encounter, I encourage myself to take more chances in life and most of all, yet again:  learn to trust my husband. 

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  1. Sounds exciting, but I can see how you'd have reservations about having someone like that come into your home. We all need fresh ideas in our lives and usually it comes from where we don't expect it! I can't wait to see/hear what she suggested and what you end up doing in the room!