Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pink and Blue


This is actually a photo of our family over four years ago, before adding a teenager and another baby.  ~smile~

Tonight I picked up my oldest son from basketball practice.  He is nine years old now.  We gathered his items and walked through the double doors of the gymnasium.  He walked a handful of feet in front of me, dribbling his ball, appearing sporty and intimidating.

About halfway down the hallway, we saw some large, 3-D snowflakes that were crafted by students on the wall. 

I said, “I like these snowflakes.  They are neat”. 

He replied, “Oh”.

My mind started thinking, “Pink and blue… pink and blue…”

After driving a short while on the road, without much conversation, I heard him making noises in the back seat.  I looked back and asked, “Are you shooting things out the window?”

“Yes, I’m shooting the lights,” he replied.

Pink and blue… pink and blue… I can’t stop realizing how different men and women can be, especially after watching the “Love and Respect” DVDs by Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs.  Even in my interactions with my husband, after nearly 14 years of marriage, I am often reminded of our different perspectives.  Somehow, in the midst of these differences, though, it is God’s perfect will and purpose to bring about awesome marriages and noble societies.  It is meant for us to learn to work together, to respect the other gender for what they are created to be. 

Our pastor spoke this week about the sensitivity of a man’s ego.  He basically said, “Women, when you say or do something that disrespects your husband’s ego, it wounds him deeply”.  It’s so true, yet how easily we can fall into the trap!  Since I heard my pastor’s words, I have thought in my heart, “How often do I really respect my husband?  Do I feel respectful towards him?  I should… God, help me.”

As Valentine’s Day nears, it is easy to put on our pink glasses:  to think about all of the romantic things our husbands can do, to build up many hopes and dreams about the day.  What if we were to take off our pink glasses, though, and put on a pair of blue glasses with regard to the day?  What would your husband desire for the day?  What does he want?  Maybe nothing!  Maybe just a sweet word from his dear wife that he married with a hot meal placed before him when he comes home.  Fanciful thoughts and elegant price tags are usually not driving the male gender’s expectations from us, yet how our husbands would be blessed by a selfless act of kindness!  Put on the blue glasses and think about something that would bless him, even if it means taking care of a task on the “Honey Do” list that he has made for you.


As tonight ended, my nine year old boy turned “soft”.  His focus was on relationship.  He wanted to be with us.  He wondered, aloud, when he could stay up later than the other children just so he could have time with us.  Yes, he is a boy, and he has real, masculine needs and thoughts, but he still has a need for love and affection – just as your husband does.

Think about how you can show respect (=love) for your husband and remember to put the blue glasses on first.  ~wink~


  1. I love everything you said here in this post! For this vday, I def putting on the "blue glasses" staying in and making his favorite meal. What my hubby loves the most is saving money and cheeseburgers lol I also am not expecting anything but will happy to pass along to him some free, heartfelt gifts of coupons and a list of what I love about him, framed. Glad to know there is more woman thinking this way...hope many read this!! I have a free coupon link at my blog! ;}

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  2. What a great post and a wonderful perspective. Praying that God can help me more in the area of my life. Thanks for this reminder.