Saturday, February 19, 2011

Embracing and Promoting Work

For years I have tried to break out of the cultural norm of thinking that the weekdays are for work and the weekends are for fun.  I remember, during our early days of marriage, my husband and I would get into arguments over our Saturdays.  He wanted to *work* around the house, while I was ready to *relax* and have fun with him.  Even now, I still struggle… The weekdays are so challenging sometimes that I just can’t wait(!) until Friday.  I do agree the nature of our weekends may be different than the weekdays, but for most of us, especially parents, they still involve a lot of work

When I think about work, I have to go back to the Bible – the place where God’s truth lies and waits to direct us.  As I tell my kids, when God set up the world, he put Adam and Eve on a playground.  Oh, wait!  No, he didn’t.  He put them in a garden.  For what purpose?  To work.  God created us to work and to get pleasure from that work. 

Then, God set up a system:   work only Monday through Friday.  No!  He said that six days were to be full of work and one day was devoted to rest and worship for God.  This may seem grueling, but if we are working and resting properly, as God sees fit, we should feel rejuvenated.  We should examine our work and rest lives and see if they are how God would want them to be.  Ask yourself if you are setting aside the “Sabbath” day of rest well enough.  It is something I am continually trying to improve.

If you have a typical Monday through Friday work schedule, think of Saturdays as another day to be productive.  Most of all, don’t get frustrated about it.  Ask God to help you be joyful to work and to be joyful as you work.  I am not saying your weekend can not be more leisurely and social.  Weekends provide great opportunity for more rest and relaxation and time with friends and family.  However, if we can expect and purpose ourselves to work, we can fight against setting ourselves up for disappointment when we do have to work on the weekends.

Lastly, what type of life are you expecting from your children?  Are you modeling a life of work and productivity – and contentment therein - or are you modeling a life of ease and entertainment?  Also, do you expect them to work?  Do you involve them in chores?  Do you talk to them about the meaning and value of work?  Do you work alongside of them and also give them tasks for which they, themselves, can be responsible?

My children feel such satisfaction when they work.  They oftentimes are not gung-ho about starting a project.  However, once they get going, I see them getting into their work and even singing and humming as they do it sometimes.  Children do not know what is best for themselves, so we must teach them!

Have a blessed weekend!

Enjoy your work  and your rest! 

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  1. I have struggled with this in the past, I always wanted my saturdays to be fun, even friday evenings. I am learning that saturdays can be productive fun with your family. I use to complain because we always do our grocery shopping saturday but now I look forward to running errands with my family, I am very thankful to have them go with me! My children def work along side us in everything we do, from setting the table, cleaning up to grocery shopping. Thanks for the post and bringing this subject to light! I hope many women read this!! I will read the resources.. blessings, Sarah beth

  2. Lisa, I've been enjoying your blog since I discovered it a few months ago. Today, Cammie and I made a banner, inspired by your baby shower banner, for Pete's birthday. Your post about "work" also influenced me today. My law firm was closed because of the weather, and Cam is off school this week, so we spent the morning lounging and making orange-raisin scones for a Snow Day Tea Party with Cammie's grandma, who lives with us. After watching a Buster Keaton DVD together, I read your blog post and decided to get moving. I made a list of chores for me and Cam, and we got to work! Our afternoon was productive, and we had the banner and homemade veggie lasagna ready for Pete when he walked in the door. Thanks for your insightful blog, and congrats on your lovely family. ~ Erica Fitzgerald

  3. Hi Erica. Amazing that you have found me through the grapevine! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I appreciate your encouragement. I hope you are doing well. Blessings to you!