Friday, January 21, 2011

Homeschool Personalities


Each homeschool has its own personality.  That’s because each family has its own personality.

Some are morning people.

Some like rigid schedule.

Some are involved with sports.

Some are part of a co-op.

Some pick and choose their curriculum.

Some have a Dad who works afternoon or evening shifts.


It is up to each family to decide what is best for their homeschool, according to what works for them. 

I remember years ago, reading The Managers of Their Homes (which is really an excellent book by the way).  When I got to the sample schedule section, I practically felt like a failure.  Almost all of the families rose in the morning a couple hours before we did and seemed to have all of life scheduled to a T.  We are not early birds, although we are getting better.  Our children sometimes go to bed later, and I will let them sleep in a little extra the next day if needed.  I like routine, but I have to somewhat flexible, lest I become discouraged quickly.  There are some things in my own homeschool that are working well right now and some things that need improvement – but isn’t that the essence of life?  Things are always fluctuating, especially in a fluid family, where children are growing and people are changing. 

I would LOVE to do school four days a week – something I did a couple years ago – but I can’t seem to make it work right now.  I feel that extra day to focus on my home and its needs would be extremely profitable.  I have tried to squeak in extra hours another way.  Recently, Monday through Wednesday we have full school days and sometimes try to do extra.  On Thursday we do no math and do all other subjects.  On Friday we do double math and any make-up work.  This allows Thursday and Friday to be a bit lighter.  Math is a long, somewhat tedious subject so it is nice to have a day without it.  On Fridays – double math day – I try to combine some of their work if it is repetitive at all, so it isn’t quite so cumbersome. 

Of course, you may have read that for the past couple weeks my children have been getting their school work done nearly every day before lunch!  This has been tremendously helpful and makes the need for my change on Thursdays and Fridays not so needy. 

Find what works for you.  Glean from others – yes! – but do not feel guilty for living differently than others.  Be confident in your choices.  If you waver, ask yourself questions like:

Is my husband happy with the way things are going?

Are my children learning and growing?

Am I challenging my children?

Is my home fairly orderly and content?

If so, then rest…. rest in our God who is ordering your steps and creating your own homeschool personality.  He is a God of variety, and His specific will is different for everyone.


  1. So true, Lisa. And that's a great picture, by the way. Love it!!

  2. Love your post today~ this is very true! It took me over a year to find the right routine and teaching style that fits us. I hope alot of homeschooling mothers get a chance to read this. We also are not early birds.. those trully are the best questions to ask yourself.

  3. Hello! I am a brand new reader! I love this true and a great reminder to me. I am jus beginning in our homeschooling journey and it is so easy to compare and get caught up in what others are doing. Thanks for this great read. I needed it. :)