Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Yesterday, we were blessed to have several inches of snow visit us.  It sure is pretty to look at, but I admit, it was not very “pretty” to shovel.  UGH!  The snow is great packing snow, so it was sticking to our shovels like mad.  Nonetheless, I do love snow and its awesome beauty! 


I always love snow at Christmas time.  It makes life feel so festive and cozy.  Well, at least to me… It’s all I’ve ever known – Christmas in Michigan.  IMG_7099


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away now.  December seems to fly by.  Last week we attended my niece’s choral concert.  She attends a local Christian school, and they put on a very nice Christmas concert.  She was privileged to wear her choir dress for the first time, so it was an exciting moment.


IMG_7120Brian and I went shopping together for a couple hours over the weekend, without the kids, and were able to buy most of their Christmas presents.  That was a huge blessing.  That night I wrapped mostly everything and made some gift tags out of old Christmas stationery I had on hand.


Tonight I made my first batch of Christmas cookies – Cornflake Wreath Cookies.  These are very good and quite easy to make.  If you are looking to make at least one, simple recipe this holiday season, try these!  (If you want a good amount of cookies, I would at least double the recipe).


Usually people put cinnamon red hot candies on top.  I did not have those on hand, so I used the Christmas sprinkles mix from Wilton to decorate the tops.  It added color and pizzazz, and the kids had fun doing it!  I have made these cookies multiple times and still can not figure out how to make them into the wreath shapes (with the hole in the middle), so mine are “FULL” wreaths.  ~smile~  I just use a muffin batter scooper to plop the cookies onto the waxed paper.  Voila!  The end result is still very delightful, and it tastes the same. 

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  1. I wondered if this was Grandma Daisy's recipe. She used to make them for us all the time, but in the shape of holly with berries.