Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camp at Home – Day Three

Well, I did simplify today.  We only did a couple “special” things.  By the time afternoon came, again my mind was thinking, “What have I gotten done today?”  Again, it is the same answer… mostly cared for my children and nursed/soothed/held the baby.  I have a lot of cleaning, organizing, planning, etc. to do, but I can not get to a lot of it.  As a friend said the other day, many times life as a mom consists of  looking at your “To Do” list and tackling the most necessary tasks for that day – so true!  Another friend said, in response to me telling her that I am not getting much done and am just nursing and holding the baby, “That’s what you are supposed to be doing”, and you know what – she is right!  When we have babies, we want life to be “normal” again, but it isn’t.  There is a new person in the home.  There is someone new to welcome and warm, someone new to work her way into everyone’s hearts.  She is adjusting and so are we!  This time with my new baby is so special.  I definitely should not be wishing it away!  I should be relishing in it!  Housework and life will always be waiting for me, but my newborn will grow up so fast!

With these words said, this is what we did today…

Face Painting


My son painted a shield, bow, and sword on my younger son’s face.  I painted the soccer ball and heart on the other two children’s faces, per their request!

Made and Flew Kites


We made this kite from “Family Fun” magazine.

We used streamers for our tails and sewing thread for the string.  It worked out just fine, and the kids had fun!

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  1. They do grow up so fast, and it is so each to get caught up in all the stuff.

    You are such a great mom to do all of this fun stuff with your kiddos. I'm sure they will always remember this summer.