Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Makeup

Photo credit:  Garden Botanika

Eye ShadowsI know… I know… I just had a baby… I should be posting about late night feedings and messy diapers.  My brain, however, just needs a little diversion, and I thought you might too.  I think my dad especially might like this post, since he is one of my faithful readers (Hi, Dad!  :-) ).

If you are looking for some fresh, summer makeup, try one of these sites.

  • Garden Botanika is having a 5 for $25 color sale on certain color items.  They are a good, nature-based company.
  • I ran into Everyday Minerals recently, and their products look good.  They sell all-natural, mineral makeup that appears to be cheaper than Bare Minerals, and you can get sample products.

Don’t worry… I will get to the meatier subject of having a newborn soon.  In the mean time, happy shopping!  :-)


  1. I so thought this was going to be new baby pics. It sounds like you are doing well if you have makeup on the brain. That is a good thing. I didn't think about makeup for quite some time after H was born.

  2. Make-up, please get to the Ava stories! Love you Lisa!