Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Think Pink

IMG_3872Yep, that’s right! Start thinking pink because we found out today that Baby #4 is a GIRL!!

We have never found out the gender of our babies-in-womb before, but decided to go for it this time. There’s been so much going on in our lives, and unfortunately a lot of challenging/bad news. It was a blessing #1 to see our healthy baby in the womb on screen and #2 to find out the gender. Now, I can shop a bit and “focus” a little more on this Baby.


  1. YEAH!!! I am so excited for you and the family. Oh the fun we will have picking out new dresses and frilly girl outfits. If you need a helping hand to do any shopping with, give me a call.

  2. Oh, that is wonderful, Lisa! Two boys and two girls! You are surely blessed! (: