Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comparing Apples with Pears

131685_red_apple_yellow_pear I have been in various schools lately. I notice myself comparing what is there to what I have at home… “Am I giving my children enough? Look at all of these activities and crafts they are doing. Have we ever done that project?” Last night, I was in one of these situations and shortly after a thought dawned on me. Why do I compare what I am doing at home to what a school is doing? A school teacher would not come into my home and say, “Wow! We don’t have what you have at our school. Their siblings are missing in action. Mom is not around all day. We can not provide continual individualized instruction, etc…” Schools and homes are set up very differently. Of course our homes will not look like schools. Each institution serves different purposes and things are done differently, and that is OKAY!

If you are homeschooling and comparing yourself to what the schools are doing, ask yourself these questions:

*Am I doing what God wants OUR family to do?

*Are my children learning and excelling?

*Do we spend our time on worthwhile activities?

*Are my children learning how to get along with and serve their siblings?

*Am I tending to my children’s character each day?

Be encouraged! Don’t look at what the schools are doing or even what the homeschooler next to you is doing. Look at your own homeschool, your own family life, and discern what GOD wants for YOUR family.

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