Friday, January 15, 2010


Lately, I have really been motivated to get my house spic-and-span. I am always trying to refine, simplify, and make my house look better. It is a constant challenge, but I try my best. With this pregnancy, I had a rough first trimester and had a big lack of motivation! I am now in my second trimester, feeling a *little* better, and am anxious to get things done! I have been writing things down on my "To Do" list, hoping to check off something monumental each day or so and see progress.

shinny sink

Yesterday I decided to "shine my sink" as Fly Lady would put it. I did this per Fly Lady's instructions A LONG TIME AGO and decided it was time to do it again. I didn't remember her exact instructions, but remembered the gist of it. I put the stoppers in both sides of the sink. Then I put a thin layer of bleach in each side and filled them to the brim with hot water. I let the sinks soak for 15 minutes before wiping them down completely. While they were soaking, I cleared off the counter and the window sill above the sink. I used the bleach water to clear counterclean those surfaces, too. When all was said and done, YES! my sink was so much cleaner, and I felt so good! My sink was clean. My counter and sill were clean and fairly bare. It was like a breath of fresh air!

A while later, my daughter and I tackled her room - another item on my list! We filled a laundry basket about half full with all of the out-of-place items that were under her bed and on her dresser and other surfaces. I told her we would get rid of as many little things as we could and then organize the rest. This was not an easy task! You know, especially if you have girls, that they can collect a lot of little things! Of course, they get attached to some of these things too! However, I will say that my daughter was verybasket of cast aways good at saying, "Yes, let's throw that out" and even wanted to show Daddy her plastic grocery bag with her castaways. After much ado, my daughter's room looked much better, and now I just have to see how long it takes before it goes astray again. :-)

I hope this encourages you to make a list of some things you are really itching to finish and check some of them off. It does make you feel so good!

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  1. Great job, Lisa! I am glad you are feeling better! I cleaned out the kids' rooms last week and it is amazing how much they had, AND how much they can do without! I love checking things off my list too (although there are just 10 more things to take it's place!). Oh well, such is the life of a mom, right? LOL!