Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

IMG_4143 Over the past handful of months, my daughter has really started to enjoy drinking tea with me. She has collected a handful of various tea cups already through multiple venues. It is a joy for me to share tea time with her, drinking our tea and spending time together.

Just today, I was thinking about how it is such a blessing to me when my children follow in my footsteps – when they want to be with me, show interest in the things I like, and exhibit the traits I am attempting to train in them. I realized that our Father in heaven appreciates the same thing. It blesses Him for us to want to be with Him, to show interest in the things He likes, and to exhibit the traits He is attempting to train in us.

Parenthood is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever “done”. I am thankful that God teaches us about Himself through it. My prayer is that I will bless my Father’s heart just as my children bless mine.

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  1. That is my prayer too. Since becoming a parent, I have learned so much about how God sees us as his children and he as our Father. It is so wonderful to know that he has that same (and even more so) unconditional love for us that we have for our children!