Saturday, January 30, 2010

Encouragement from a Four Year Old

Life has been pretty discouraging lately. Each day is definitely carrying "enough trouble of its own" as the Bible puts it. However, yesterday morning, the Lord blessed me through my four year old son. Shortly after I woke up, he greeted me and said (with water-slicked hair), "I goed potty, tried to make my bed, got dressed, and did my hair and teeth". I smiled a big smile and gave him a hug and kiss. After he ate his breakfast, he asked, "What's my morning chore?" while I was still struggling to get the other kids upstairs to get their morning routines done. I told my four year old he could get the vacuum out and start vacuuming the Family Room for me. His response... "Okay!", and he went right to the closet to get out the vacuum. After he did his share of vacuuming, he got out his math and writing and did them both – without complaint. Truly, he blessed me tremendously. He did everything well and with a good attitude. It was one less thing I had to worry about! I appreciated this blessing from the Lord!

When you’re down and out, keep your eyes open. You may just get encouragement from a four year old. :-)

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  1. Awww, what a sweetie! Hold on to those moments! They are truly what makes everything worthwhile! You are doing such a great job with the kids, Lisa! This is the fruit of your labor! (: