Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty Sleep

Recently my daughter REALLY needed a nap. She was not feeling good and had that tired, wound-up energy. Of course, she is one of the masters at fighting sleep! Knowing that, I knew it would take a bit to relax her. I told her to go up to my bedroom and just lie down for 15 minutes with my sleep mask on. I would set the alarm and get her when it went off. Well, sure enough, 15 minutes later, my daughter was not responding to the alarm downstairs, so I thought I would go check on her. There I found her, happily asleep, curled up, wearing my new "Beauty Sleep" sleep mask that I had gotten for Christmas. It was so cute and quite the sight! It reminded me of how much we really need our "Beauty Sleep" - physically, yes, but also spiritually. We can struggle, strive, and worry about the daily cares and worries of life, but God does not desire this for us. It does not produce any beauty in our spirits. I see it in my own life constantly and am continually working on resting in Him. It is easy for me to worry and fret rather than rest easily in God. I guess I just need to put my "Beauty Sleep" mask on! ~Smile~

This has been one of my favorite verses over the years...

Isaiah 30:15 - "In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

May you be granted some "Beauty Sleep" in the Lord! May you rest in Him and have quietness in your soul!

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