Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pony Party!

Last week my daughter turned six years old. She wanted a pony party. Being pregnant, I have been under the weather quite a bit lately. I didn't even think about many of the party details until the last minute. About two days before the party, I was hastily searching for a pony cake. I had already rectified in my mind that I would be making a box cake to make things simpler. Lo and behold, I found a Betty Crocker, You Tube video that showed how to make this lovely pony cake, and I found the instructions on their web site. I was a bit rushed with all of the chilling in between to make a successful crumb coat of frosting, but it still turned out quite nicely. If you have a young girl who loves ponies, I'd definitely encourage this cake. Not only does it look so adorable, it tastes absolutely marvelous as well. :-)
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  1. I agree! You did a great job! Did you do chocolate or yellow cake? You should post other cakes and goodies you've done. You always do such creative things!

  2. Thank you for the compliments!

    I used chocolate cake, even though the recipe used yellow. It was delicious, and the frosting was yummy - a mix of chocolate and vanilla.