Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree!

Well, my Christmas tree is finally up and decorated. I just need Bri to help me trim the top so I can put my angel up there. A few years ago I finally delved in and decided to figure out a design for my tree. Up until then I had a mismatch of ornaments I had collected over the years. I realized that my more "elaborate, decorative" friends had a "theme" to their tree, so I felt a bit of pressure. I went with red and gold and tied some other things in bit by bit. Little did I know, I would finish off my living room in the same colors, so the tree works out really well. We bought a "real" tree, and I just love it! We usually make the splurge each year and get one. It's one of those special touches to Christmas for me.
I have a separate kids' tree in the family room. It houses any ornaments the kids want to display as well as any others I might want to keep that don't quite fit into my "theme" tree. The kids' tree is nice and colorful and cutesy.
I hope your holiday preparations are going well.
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  1. Your tree (and home) is beautiful! You might remember that our "fancy" tree is red and gold also (does this mean I am "elaborate and decorative"? LOL). It is in our family room and we put the "fun" tree with all the kids' ornaments in the den. We have two pre-lit artificial trees. We've never had real trees. I've wanted to try it for a while though. Maybe next year. (: