Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Blessing of Snow

Snow - some people love it; some people hate it. I happen to love it, except for when it is tricky to drive around in it. Otherwise, I absolutely think it is a delightful blessing that is given to us to brighten up our Winter days. Winter is going to be cold, sure enough! Winter is going to be dreary and gray much of the time, yes! When the snow arrives, I appreciate its display of beauty and brightness. To me, it is the highlight of winter! Even today, I was sitting in my parents' house, watching snow fall down in their quiet, wooded backyard. My dad and I agreed - it was so peaceful!

I think there is a real blessing and peace to the arrival and presence of snow, especially at Christmas time. I just love having snow for Christmas!! Who doesn't? I love seeing the Christmas lights aglow amidst the white blanket background as it snuggles us into our homes for time well-spent together! Lovely!

Yes, I'll take the snow every winter! Thank you, Lord, for the snow!

Hope you are able to enjoy the snow a bit!
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