Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Things take Hard Work

Months ago, Brian and I heard Todd Wilson speak at a homeschooling conference. His message rang true, "Family life is hard, but it is GOOD". He talked about the importance of family life, yet how difficult it can be. His message, though, was to encourage us to remember how GOOD family life is so it can carry us through its hardships. Over these months, I have come to realize more and more just how HARD the GOOD things in life are.

Having a great marriage takes hard work.
Raising children takes hard work.
Maintaining joy and peace takes hard work.
Balancing a budget takes hard work.
Keeping peace among friends takes hard work.

On the other hand, it's amazing how EASY it can be to be selfish, lazy, unproductive, say something unkindly, get angry, spend too much money, etc.

It's true... The GOOD things in life are HARD! If you are experiencing some hardship in life, be encouraged. You might just be running into something GOOD! ;-)

May God give you GRACE for the GOOD things,

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  1. Often it takes time to realize the "GOOD" that comes from all of the "HARD", but it will come and you will be rewarded!