Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hats Off to All Moms, Everywhere

Moms are amazing, and I don’t say that because I am one.

I say that because I see it in the lives of those around me -  my mother, my mother-in-law, my friends, the women at church, the women at my homeschool co-op, the women at the grocery store, the women at the soccer field … the women all around me.

Mothers have a tremendous concern for their children. When a woman becomes a mother, her heart is suddenly attached to another human being FOR LIFE.

Moms stay at home, work from home, and balance career and home life, trying to fulfill the needs of their family members.

Moms juggle schedules, energies, monies, and time.

Moms cook, clean, organize, run errands, shop, chauffeur, nourish, provide, work, play, and pray with and for their children.

Moms wear a badge of honor when their children succeed and a spirit of compassion and encouragement when they don’t, always hoping the best for their children.

Moms invest their resources and time to give their children opportunities throughout their lives.

Moms give and give and give.
And then they give some more.

Moms protect their children from harm and hurt, as much as they possibly can.

Moms discipline, teach, train, mentor, and love, planting seeds of truth and love in hearts that they hope some day will bloom to fullness.

Moms deny careers, interests, and needs for the sake of their children.

Moms carry grief, frustration, and emptiness when their children grow up and leave the values they taught them and explode with joy when their children make good, solid decisions and manifest high caliber character.

Moms lavish their children with generosity. They plan parties, celebrations, shopping sprees, and dates.

Moms sit in the audience and cheer, stand at the end of every performance with an “encore”, and run beside their children every step of the way.

Moms never stop caring. Period.

To every mom out there, I salute you.
Happy Mother’s Day!
You are special!

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