Monday, December 21, 2015

Where is Your Focus This Week? Let Go of Perfection, Expectation, & Comparison and Celebrate!

The other day I posted the above picture to my personal social media. I loved it. My dog was still. The house was cozy. My tree was lit up and showing forth its splendor of red and gold. Everything seemed wonderful, until someone pointed out the bottom of my tree. Yes, if you didn’t see it before, you see it now… the bottom of my tree is not decorated!

When I realized that, I immediately thought of quickly grasping my photo from the realms of public notice and keeping it only for my own eyes. I felt embarrassed. I thought of some of my friends and their trees and knew that the bottom of their trees would never look so bare! I hate to admit that I even looked up one of my friend’s trees on Facebook, and sure enough, her tree was full – to the hilt!
Nonetheless, I did not remove my picture from Instagram and Facebook. There were some who loved the picture as well.

They weren’t focusing on the lack in the picture,
but the beauty.

They weren’t comparing my picture
or my tree to anyone else’s.
They enjoyed the scene for what it was.

This week, as you are finishing your preparations for Christmas, let go of some of the ideas of perfection, expectation and comparisons you have in your head.

Everyone’s situation is different. Don’t compare your tree, your gift-giving (or receiving),  or your celebrations to the gal next door.

Focus on the Lord and His goodness
and live this week with joy!

Celebrate the Lord and His birth.
Celebrate the gift of Jesus and all of the good gifts He has given and continues to give us.

Merry Christmas!

... and when you feel discouraged,
just remember the bottom of my tree. ~wink~

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