Monday, November 17, 2014

Hope Comes from God

Hope Comes from God - The Cozy Nook

Hope. It anchors our souls. It is what holds us steady. It’s what keeps us from falling into complete discouragement at times.

When we are feeling down and out, we need hope. We need something to shine that light at the end of the tunnel. Hope gives us strength to carry on and look towards better and brighter things.

However, when circumstances in life are gloomy, it seems hard to have hope. We look at our circumstances and think, “How in the world can this change? How will this get any better?” Then we sink down into our little holes and hide from life.

The reason we lose hope is because we are looking at our circumstances. Think about it. Do dismal situations and desperate scenarios bring hope? No. They don’t.

It’s hard to find light
when you are looking at darkness.

When we stare our problems in the face, wishing to find hope, we may actually lose hope. We will continue to get more and more discouraged as we see the heartache, the trial, and the insufficiencies.

Hope is not found in our circumstances.
Hope is found in God.

God is the Giver of hope, not our circumstances.

God is the One who has the ability to change our circumstances.

God is the One who loves us and desires good things for us.

God is the One who wants us to trust Him and rest in Him.

God is the One who has all wisdom and knowledge and power for our situation.

God is the One who is working in us to will and to do His good pleasure.

God does not change.

Our circumstances will continue to bring unexpected bumps into our lives, but God is the constant in our lives. He is always there, always ready to help carry our burdens, hear our prayers, and help us, if we would just let Him.

Do you need hope today?

Don’t look to your circumstances.
Look to God!

For in You, O Lord, I hope;
You will hear, O Lord my God.

Psalm 38:15

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