Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why I Cut the Crust Off My Daughters' Bread

I'm a rule follower, a "good girl". I believe in order, manners, and following God's law.

To admit that I cut the crust off my daughters' bread is a bit, eh hem, humbling. You see, to me, the crust should be eaten. After all, there are people STARVING in other countries. When children don't eat the crusts on their bread, they are being unthankful of course! They should appreciate every morsel they are given and eat it with a smile.

Why then do I cut the crust off my daughters' (yes, plural!) bread?

The first reason supports my strong sense of responsibility. If *I* cut off the crusts, there is less waste. That's a good thing! If I let them eat their bread without me altering it, they will leave large chunks of their bread on their plate, and well, that just is not acceptable.

The second reason is the more important reason.

Some things just aren't worth fighting over.

Let me say that again.

Some things just aren't worth fighting over.

As parents, we deal with many issues, some more weighty than others. We must continually, carefully and prayerfully, consider our ideas and preferences about how things should be.

Some of them are absolute truth.
Some of them must not be compromised.
Some of them must be fought over!

Some, on the other hand, must be let go.

When I took my niece into my home a handful of years ago, she was 14 years old. I had no clue how to raise a teenager. I made a lot of mistakes. I tried my best, but I made mistakes. I realize that I made issues over some things that I should have let go. I did not have the grace to deal with so much change at once, so I learned... by mistake in some cases.

As I continue to raise my children, I'm going to continue to fight for many things, but crust on bread? Nah. I'll let that go.

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