Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mom’s Day Off


The other day I was feeling very overwhelmed.  The pressure in my head and heart were tremendous.  Finally, I broke out in tears.  Yep, the emotion just came spilling out, a necessary process that God created.

I decided to take the day off. I needed to take a break… be by myself a bit, not fight so many battles, and recharge. 

At first I felt like a failure.  After all, I had changed the entire course for my day, basically because I couldn’t measure up – or so I felt.

After a while though, I began to realize how much I really needed this break.  If I had continued with the same agenda for the day, things would have just gotten worse.  Instead I was able to regroup and give my children some much-needed regrouping as well.

When life’s pressures are just too much, think about changing course.  Take the day off or even part of the day off.

Regroup and recharge.

Have some leisure time.

Do something on your “To Do” list.

Enjoy your family.

Smell the roses!

1 comment:

  1. I had a day like that yesterday, I do everything to stay strong..but it feels so good when you do break down and cry out to Jesus. He is there to wipe them away. Blessed today with a fantastic day. Whenever there is a BAD day, God is good to bless me with an even better day the next. :)