Monday, October 1, 2012

Mom and Me Journal

This is a great idea to build relationship with any of your children, especially one who may be struggling personally or where closeness is lacking between the two of you.

Create a pretty journal where you and your child can write letters back and forth to each other.


I got the inspiration for this letter journal from Traci at “Ordinary Inspirations” a while ago.  After some tense moments with my daughter last week, I knew I had to do something to create more of a bond between us.  I remembered this journal, grabbed some basic supplies, and went to work.


Traci used decorative duct tape.  I had seen it in the stores, and it seemed a bit pricey to me to be honest… part of the reason it took me a while to get to this project.  I decided to use some pretty gift wrap I had on hand.  It worked out just fine, with the exception of a little bit of an air pocket on the cover.  I think I just needed to cut some more slits at the corners where I folded the gift wrap over the book cover.


Whatever supplies you use, this journal is worth the investment!

You can create special moments and pleasant memories for you and your child for days, weeks, and years to come!

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  1. I think that's such a lovely idea! Turned out great!! It'll be a wonderful keepsake down the road too.