Monday, September 3, 2012

To Coupon or Not to Coupon?


I’ve thought about couponing before, but I didn’t think it would work out well for me.

  • I thought most coupons I saw were for products I had no intention to buy.
  • I thought it would take too much of my precious time.
  • I thought I couldn’t make it work since we don’t get a newspaper.
  • Etc…

Recently though, I have been evaluating the entire situation again and am experimenting to see if this will work for me.

My husband was the big instigator of this whole process.  A woman at work was telling him and some other co-workers about her couponing habit.  He became sold on the idea and wants me to give it a try… so I am… slowly.

It, all, seems a bit overwhelming to be honest. This week I got my feet wet just a tad and didn’t feel very gratified. I know this will take time. Everything does. I just have to be patient.

I’m looking for coupons to print out and watching for sales.  One of the main tips I see is to combine sales with coupons for great discount value.

I haven’t gotten the Sunday paper yet, but I’m sure I will have to do that one of these weeks – to get the bird’s-eye view.

Do you coupon?

If so, what are your tips
for a newbie like me?

In the end, I don’t see myself becoming an extreme couponer.  I’m just a lady who desires to use her money more wisely and cut some corners (maybe literally… eh hem).

Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady for more info. on couponing.


  1. I don't coupon, mainly because I buy whole-type foods.... vegetables, pasta, meat, grains, beans....I do use the Costco coupons when they are items I normally buy.

    But then in the photo you have in your post there is a coupon for pasta....I should check them out again; I just don't use freezer food, jared sauces, salad dressings, or mixes. I am curious to see what others have to say, though!

  2. I haven't been a big couponer, mainly because of time. I already shop where I get the best prices for the items I buy. But I did try couponing a little a year or two ago and saved myself a few extra dollars off my bill at WinCo. I did get coupons for produce, meat, dairy and other things that people don't think there are coupons for. There are even coupons around for some of the items Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry.

    I only clipped coupons for things I already used. Then I made my shopping list first and looked through my categorized coupons to see if any matched up. I found it would save me $4-$5 on a shopping trip. That might come out to an extra $25 a month, but hey an extra $25+ comes in handy! Of course you can do much better by using coupons only on sale items, but I find the whole matching up thing to be too time-consuming. But maybe that part would make a good homeschool project for kiddos! I'm gonna start looking back through coupons and see what happens! :)