Monday, September 19, 2011

Origami Scavenger Hunt

My husband’s birthday was last week.  This year I bought him non-tangible gifts for his birthday, with only a computer screen and sheets of paper to announce his presents – a painting class, an upgrade to Pandora, and a Groupon coupon for go-karting with a friend.  I wanted a creative way to present his gifts.  The kids bought Brian a Dairy Queen gift card so he can go on a date with me.  I asked my oldest son to make an origami so we could stick the gift card inside.  Then it dawned on me.  Why not make a scavenger hunt with origami clues to boot!  Yes, that’ll do it!
My son made two pieces of origami, and I constructed the other three:  a frog, star, piano, dog, and house.  Inside/on each of the pieces, I wrote a clue.  The initial piece said:
Of course, that was to lead him to the refrigerator where he would find the kids’ gift card.
The next clue was:  “Can you check my email, please?”
That led him to the computer for his Pandora upgrade and so on…
This was a fun, creative way to display my husband’s gifts, and I didn’t feel bad for not having something “wrapped”. 

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