Friday, July 2, 2010

A Crafty Bag


My friend, Candice, made me this neat bag!  (This photo does not do it justice!)  I will probably use it as a diaper bag.  It is actually a no-sew bag that is lined with, believe it or not!, duct tape – not the gray color you are thinking of though.  No, this bag is lined with pretty, white duct tape, to match the bag itself.  It doesn’t even look like duct tape.  It just looks waterproof inside.  Candice made a couple other beautiful bags for her mom and sister too.  If you leave a comment here, maybe she will get around to that blog post I’ve been bugging her to write about them.  ~wink~  So, who wants to see the pics and maybe directions(?) for the other bags?  ME!!  {SMILE}


  1. OOOh, ME! I do! Is it just made with regular fabric? What did she use for the straps? No sew is the only way I'll ever make anything like that! LOL!

  2. Very cool! Candice, how much bugging will it take until you put directions on your blogg? ...hmm... I do know where you live... :)