Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I was on my way to Costco tonight, while the rest of the family was at church.  I’ve been trying to minimize my activities lately and *had* to get some groceries for the house before Baby arrives.  I was feeling emotional, tired, and not really wanting to do much of anything.  Before heading into the store, I stopped at the gas pumps to fill my tank.  While I was pumping my gas, a man, probably in his 60s, shouted to me from the next pump over. 

Man:  “When are you due?”

Me:  “Next week.”

Man:  “Oh, you look great.”

Me:  “Thanks.”

Man:  “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Me:  “A girl… or so they say… we’ll see.”  :-)

Man:  “You must be excited.”

Me:  “Yes,”  and then on my way into the car,  “Take care.”

Man:  “You too.”

It was a simple conversation, but I was touched by it.  I was touched by the fact that this man had noticed me from the next pump, was interested in my pregnancy, and showed excitement for me.  I felt warmed by his kindness, and it reminded me how the little acts of kindness we do really can touch people’s lives.  It is not always easy, in this selfish world, to be purposefully kind.  However, it sure does make our world more pleasant; doesn’t it?

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